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The reiAF Community toolkit is designed to improve your business processes, boost your efficiency, and ultimately help you achieve greater success in real estate investing.

What's Inside Our Free Investor Toolkit?

  • ReiAF Deal Analyzer: Evaluate potential deals with precision, ensuring you make informed decisions that maximize profitability.

  • Scripts: Equip yourself with the right language for every transaction, making negotiations smoother and more successful.

  • Contracts & Assignments: Access essential legal documents tailored for real estate investing, streamlining your legal processes and reducing risks.

  • Lead Flow Map: Navigate each step of acquiring and managing leads efficiently, ensuring a steady pipeline of potential deals.

  • Seller Engagement Journey: Ensure you never miss an opportunity with sellers by following a structured approach to engagement and follow-up.

We’re TJ Kosen, Nick, and Tony Sicilian, co-founders of The reiAF Community. We have been investing in real estate since 2007, each of us with drastically different stories and paths. In 2019, we joined forces and started The reiAF Community to provide valuable resources and support for real estate investors.

We’ve been part of the biggest masterminds in the country, working with countless investors nationwide, and closing thousands of deals. Our goal was to create a community that provides valuable information and resources without the barriers and high costs often associated with real estate investing education.

We realized that valuable information was being locked behind giant paywalls, sold from stages by investors with exaggerated stories. People were sold on fancy marketing but not taught the essentials of being a successful real estate investor—how to talk to sellers, analyze deals properly, and use all acquisition and disposition tools. The ReiAF Community is full of active investors working in today’s market, with no information being gatekept and no fancy marketing gimmicks.

We focus on real, practical knowledge and tools.

We know there’s no easy button in Real Estate. Leads are the lifeblood of real estate. We emphasize fully understanding, & finding your avatar while providing tools to buy directly from off-market sellers. We understand what it takes to succeed in this industry. After closing and underwriting thousands of off-market real estate deals, we know what works and what doesn’t. We help people by providing and showing the tools, resources, and processes required to be a successful investor in any market!

This toolkit consists of the tools we have built and used to close thousands of deals ourselves.

We're offering them because we're confident in their usefulness and your success!

Our reiAF Toolkit includes:

  • The ReiAF Deal Analyzer: to help you evaluate potential deals with precision, and understand the full numbers!

  • Scripts to equip yourself with the right language for every transaction

  • The Contracts and Assignments used to close thousands of deals

  • Our Lead Flow Map to navigate each step of acquiring and managing leads,

  • The reiAF Seller Engagement Journey to ensure you never miss an opportunity with sellers & Optimizing your Marketing Budget!

Whether your goal is to close 30 deals a year or 300+, the foundation and infrastructure remain the same. The only difference is the size of the team you build.

But remember this: You’ll never reach freedom if you don’t build people. You can’t build people without the right foundation. Without it, you’ll always be in a rat race of inconsistent months, and eventually, it’ll all crash.

You can't scale chaos!

If you’re ready to transform your real estate business and achieve your goals, join us at The reiAF Community. Whether we work together or not, we promise you’ll gain valuable insights that will change the course of your business.

-Keep Crushing It!

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